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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  How do I register for a course? 
                 A:   There are four (3) ways to register and pay for a course.    

                       1.  Register directly with the Hospital or Health System if they are sponsoring the seminar. If Core   Seminars is sponsoring the seminar, our contact

                            information is below.

                       2.  Mail:  PO Box 669, Hockessin, DE, 19707  

                            Make Check payable to: Core Seminars, LLC  

                      3.  Phone: 302-239-7111

Confirmation for your registration is by email.  Please bring your confirmation with you to your conference.           
Q:  Do I need to pre-pay for the course?  

             A:  Yes. All pre-registered attendees must be paid in full prior to entering the lecture room.  Walk in registrants will need to finalize payment also to attend

                   and receive course materials plus the CEU certificate of completion.           
Q:  Are the courses approved for CEU's?   

               A:  Each course is pre-approved by the certifying associations of the state in which a course is held.  We are a nationally approved provider by:

                    1. The National Athletic Trainers Association BOC (P8224)

                    2. The American Occupational Therapy Association (6877)

We meet the continuing education guidelines by:

                   1. The American Physical Therapy Association

                   2.  The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

You will receive your certification of CEU completion at the end of the course.  You must complete the full day of talks, turn in a course eval and the Open book, group discussed post test to receive your certificate.  There is no partial CEU credit available.                               

Q:  What is your cancellation policy?

              A:  Cancellations on occasion happen. A course may need to be cancelled due to inclement weather, speaker travel, or health problems.  Full refund of the registration fee, minus a $25 administration fee, will be given upon written request five (5) days prior to the seminar. If on the day of the seminar, the attendee is unsatisfied with the course, states this to the course onsite coordinator or speaker, before or during the morning break, and return course materials, then the attendee will receive a full refund minus a $50 administration fee.  This will be processed by CORE within the first week after the course completion. A future course voucher will be offered as a substitute to the fee refund.  This voucher has no expiration. If the speaker is unable to complete a seminar, course attendees will be offered a future course voucher that has no expiration, or a full refund. CORE Seminars will not be responsible for nonrefundable airfare or other incurred costs for arriving to the course.            
                CORE will make every effort to contact attendees in a timely fashion if a course has to be cancelled. We require pre-registered attendees to provide us with contact information just for this purpose.  We will also notify the hotel and post information on our website.           
Q:  What should I wear to your course?   

               A:  The courses have hands on lab and demonstrations of movement.  It is suggested to comfortable loose clothing be worn.  For the shoulder course,

                    tank tops or sports bras for females is appropriate. Since hotel lecture / banquet room temperatures vary in their control, we also suggest that you dress

                    in layers to adjust to your personal comfort.           

Q:  Is parking provided?   

                A:  Each hotel varies in their parking arrangements. CORE does not reimburse for parking at a site. We do try to select locations with free parking.  Health

                     systems may have their own parking guidelines.          
Q:  How can I contact CORE?                   

              A:  Mail:  CORE Seminars, LLC, PO Box 669, Hockessin, DE  19707

              B. Phone: 302-239-7111

              C. email to:

Q:  What if I need special accommodations?  

                 A:   Please inform CORE of your special needs 14 Days in advance. This may include visual, auditory, or physical limitations.  CORE will make

                       reasonable accommodations so that you may enjoy the seminar.  You may also contact us at our contact points prior to the seminar. (see above

                       contact information)            
Q:  How late can I register for a course?                 

A:   When a Hospital or health system is sponsoring the seminar, you would contact that program for approval.  For our sponsored seminars, we have an early and regular registration time-line.  We do accept "day of" or "walk in" registrants.  Same day costs are the regular costs. If you have special needs, we will do our best to accommodate you.