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Core Seminars, LLC:   Identity and Structure:

     The senior officer for Core Seminars, LLC, is a Physical Therapist with over 35 years of clinical, administration, teaching, and research experiences. He is responsible for creating or reviewing and approving all lecture information and materials created by any speaker. Currently there are 4 course offerings.  The Shoulder - Evaluate and Treat; Balance – Boomers and Beyond; Total Joint Arthroplasty - Baby Boomers and Beyond, Concussion Rehabilitation and Program Development. The senior officer is responsible for reviewing the criteria and guidelines for each certifying organization, completing all operational forms, and updating any criteria on a yearly basis during June and July of each calendar year.  An Occupational Therapist has been retained for consultation purposes of program review planning and implementation of new educational offerings.  This Occupational Therapist has experience in teaching, clinical work, and administrative provision.  

     Awarding CEU's: Core Seminars, LLC will require seminar attendees to sign in and out of each course, complete a course evaluation, and complete a brief contents specific test for each seminar.  All of this is collected by the seminar coordinator, reviewed by the seminar speaker on site. A CEU certificate of completion will then be given to the attendee for their documentation of CEU completion. No partial CEU credit will be awarded. Maintenance of records: All records will be retained by Core Seminars, LLC for 7 years from the date of the seminar.  Record of the attendance will be available upon request by approval of the attendee to release information. Requests for records by certifying agencies need to be in writing and delivered to Core Seminars, LLC. The record will include the attendees name, Seminar name, lecture vs lab, CEU hours awarded, and the instructors name(s) and credentials.

     Disclosure: Instructors will verbally announce prior to the course start, any proprietary interest in products or services mentioned during the course.  Copyright, Intellectual property, release of information: Core Seminars, LLC has contractual approval to reproduce and distribute the intellectual information provided by contracted speakers for the sole use of seminar education.  If patients are involved in the visual demonstration of care, their release of photo approval is maintained by the speaker.

     Needs Identification: All current course information has been developed for the express needs of therapists providing rehabilitative care in hospital, skilled nursing facilities, home care, and / or outpatient rehabilitation settings.  The level of information is considered intermediate, which requires entry level science/biology/anatomy knowledge by the attendee. Some info requires advanced outcome skills that are assessed in labs and post testing. Information to date has been gleaned from literature reviews, previous attendee feedback, and observed skill set. Instructional personnel: All instructors are chosen for their advanced training as documented by higher education institutions credentials. Additional experiential review is completed by the senior officer for variety, scope, and intensity of practice settings.  Additional backgrounds in teaching and or research publication are required.  Ability to teach via lecture, lab, and power point presentation are required.

     Learning outcomes:Each seminar has outcome criteria and learning goals printed on the mailed brochure, within the course manual, and reviewed via visual slides before each course is begun. All outcomes are reviewed and approved by the senior officer

     Assessment of learning outcomes:Each seminar attendee will be required to complete a post seminar course evaluation that requests feedback on the following: Instructor subject knowledge, teaching skill, use of teaching tools course materials facility appropriateness, quality, and comfort.  Were goals / objectives met?  What additional goals could / should be included?  What future subjects would be beneficial?

We'll help you achieve your CE goals.

We offer educational seminars that are evidence-based, clinically relevant, fun, and quickly implementable by the health care attendees.  The information is updated annually through critical review of pertinent related research and published reports in professional journals. Our adult health care professionals will utilize our course outcomes to advance their lifelong clinical and administrative goals. The hospitals and health systems that contract our seminars are achieving large staff education throughout their continuum of care for optimal integration of clinical management.